I didn't spend a whole lot of time with Mariah this month. With getting ready for my trip back east, and it being so hot out now, I just didn't get over there as often as I should have..

A new wolf has joined John's pack. Her name is Sedona, she's a high content wolfdog in which John saved from the pound on the day she was scheduled to be put down.. The day John brought her home, she was severely underweight and looked as though she had never been brushed a day in her life. John brought her to his vet and luckily she has proven to be a healthy girl.. With a little TLC she'll be the beautiful wolf in which God intended.. She, like Mariah, is very true to her wolfish nature and is extremely shy. Though I've been lucky enough to touch her and hopefully show her that there are good people in this world who actually want good things for her.. I'll keep you posted on her progress and get pictures of her on this page soon.

Skylin and Mariah seem to be bonding quite nicely. In fact, Skylin has even pet her a few times now.. Wish I were that lucky.. Someday!!

Wrangler is doing well and without a doubt looks forward to our visits. He's the first in line to get his stew meat, and doesn't leave until it's gone.. Haha.. Skylin absolutely adores him and tries to get close every chance she gets. She actually laid on the ground with him yesterday and acted like she was a dog.. She definitely had the attention of a few other wolfy dogs in Johns pack..

Well, I don't have any new pictures to show you for the month of May, for some reason I just never brought my camera over. I'll have some in June though, I look forward to getting some shots of Sedona as she begins to gain some weight.. I'm sure the before and after shots will amaze everyone.. I saw her yesterday, and saw that John had brushed her out, already she looks soooo much better.. She's truly lucky to have someone like him in her life now.. He's a Godsend for sure....

Until next month,


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